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Organisation of the Month

The Organisation of the Month for September is The Oxford Food Bank and this is what they have to say about themselves:


The Oxford Food Bank has been distributing food to local charities for over eight years now, and for the past four years this charity has been based in Botley, The idea behind this particular organisation is very simple, but if you think you know what food banks do then think again when it comes to the Oxford Food Bank.

Here are some simple facts and figures:

  • OFB picks up food being thrown out by food wholesalers and supermarkets because they consider it unsellable, even though it is still perfectly edible. This reduces food waste by over 350 tonnes every year! Most of this food is fruit, vegetables, bakery and dairy products, not just packaged goods.
  • The food is passed on free of charge  to over 80 other local charities who are feeding people, and these charities include homeless shelters, refugee centres, school breakfast clubs, day care centres, women’s refuges and many other different types of organisation. The clients of these charities benefit from a healthier diet, and the charities save on average around £20k every year to spend on other benefical services.
  • Because OFB operates with a team of over 100 volunteers the costs are very low, meaning that for every £1 received in donations around £20 of food is distributed to other charities. What other charity can multiply the value of your donation in that way?

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Find out more on the OFB website, or read the latest OFB Newsletter for recent news. We always welcome Donations and Volunteers, so please help support this important local charity today.

You can even watch a series of five BBC programmes on YouTube called The Big Food Rescue, which were originally broadcast last year. These programmes feature both OFB and a similar organisation called The Felix Project, which is based in London, but set up with the help of OFB and operating exactly the same model.

BBC The Big Food Rescue - website small[17965]

Oxford Food Bank can be contacted via e-mail at info@oxfordfoodbank.org