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Botley & North Hinksey are situated on the western outskirts of Oxford around the junctions of the A34 Oxford Ring Road and the A420. Although many of our links are with Oxford we sit outside the city boundaries, and historically and administratively we’re tied to Abingdon and the Vale of White Horse. Read our Local History page for more details about how we got here and our Local Government page to see where we fit in today.

Our community includes the whole area bounded by the A420 to the north and west, and the Hinksey stream to the east. That means people living in Harcourt Hill, Cumnor Hill and Dean Court are part of our community too, not just those with addresses in Botley and North Hinksey.

Handy hint for getting relevant data from linked external websites: some are regional or national, so for postcode searches you might want to use OX2 9LG (Elms Parade), or the postcode for another local address (use the postcode finder), and for place name searches add ‘Oxfordshire’ – there are two other Botleys in England.


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The main hub of the area is West Way around the Elms Parade and West Way shopping precinct. Here, in addition to shops you’ll find the Library, Post Office, Seacourt Hall, Seacourt Bridge pub, two churches (C of E and Baptist), public toilets (in Chapel Way) and bus stops for all of the main routes into and out of Oxford. Nearby in Elms Road are Botley Medical Centre and Botley Primary School. See our Services Directory and Business Directory for further details.

The rest of the area is primarily residential. Housing is a mix of old thatched cottages and Edwardian terraced houses through to a wide variety of post First World War properties, including an ever expanding number of contemporary flats and houses of all sizes. As a growing community there are some issues relating to overstretched services and facilities, but hopefully with good planning these can be overcome in the long term to provide a better environment for everybody.

Being on the edge of Oxford we are blessed with easy access to many areas of greenery. There are also good sports facilities and many active clubs and societies of all types based here. Details of all these can be found on our Clubs and Leisure page. Our Events Calendar and Initiatives & Charities pages will tell you a bit more about what’s going on in the area too.

 Botley & North Hinksey on Wikipedia:

Find out more about this area on the Wikipedia website. There are entries on Botley, North Hinksey, Dean Court, Harcourt Hill, Westminster College, Raleigh Park, Cumnor Hill, Hinksey, Hinksey Stream and Botley Road. You can look at entries from further afield using the Wikipedia function on Google Maps.

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Local History & Family History

Introduction – a brief history of Botley and North Hinksey: Botley and North Hinksey were initially settled in Saxon times. The dominating local feature was the River Thames. It acted as a life-giver, but also caused regular flooding in the area and was a significant barrier to travel. Two of the most important local ‘businesses’ from before …

Maps, Weather, Homes & Jobs

               Maps: Bing maps. Not just an online street map, Bing maps offers a wide variety of extra functions. Under the ‘Road’ tab you’ll find an Ordnance Survey map, and under the ‘Birds eye’ tab there are a normal aerial view plus the more interesting bird’s eye view. The ‘Traffic’ tab shows …

Photo & Video Gallery

Our Gallery contains an ever expanding library of images featuring the people, places and events of Botley and North Hinksey. See the ‘Get involved’ column for details on how to share your photographs and videos with the rest of the community. Photo of the Month: Our photo of the Month for November is a misty …

Travel & Roadworks

Live traffic data and route planners If you want to plan your travel in advance try the AA Route Planner for driving routes, or the redplanet website for door to door planning involving public and private transport (unfortunately, this does not provide cycling routes unlike the Government’s “Transport Direct” site which no longer operates).  For …