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Nowadays working on an allotment isn’t just a good way of getting some exercise and providing your family with ultra-fresh fruit and veg, it can also help boost your green credentials in our increasingly eco-friendly society. Growing your own raspberries certainly produces a smaller carbon footprint than buying ones imported from half way around the world. So where can you get hold of a plot of land locally to start living ‘The Good Life’? Apologies for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember this classic 1970s TV series – you’ll have to look it up on Wikipedia.

Moving the focus back to the Botley area there are three sets of allotments available for public use:


  • Tilbury Lane allotments – these allotments are the largest of the three, they are located on the west side of Tilbury Lane and are owned by Oxford University and run by the organisation known simply as Tilbury Lane Allotment Association, so there is no involvement from Cumnor Parish Council. The secretary of the organisation is Sue Quainton, telephone 07596 506063.
  • Allotments between North Hinksey Lane and the Seacourt Stream, just to the south of the North Hinksey Nature Reserve. They are owned and run by the North Hinksey Parish Council see the Allotments page of the North Hinksey Parish Council website for further details.
  • Allotments a little further south along North Hinksey Lane on either side of the footpath leading to the Southern By Pass. These allotments are also owned and run by the North Hinksey Parish Council.

Click on the map image below to see these three sets of allotments featured on our Leisure facilities map: