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The Botley & North Hinksey Community Website Management Team

Botley & North Hinksey Community website was set up by, and is maintained by a team of local volunteers. You can contact members of this Website Management Team as follows:

Please note, the Forum has been removed from the site due to lack of interest and use. It may be reinstated at a future date and a new Forum Editor would be appointed. Please contact if you have questions.

Policies of the Botley & North Hinksey Community website:

If you wish to participate actively in any aspect of the website please read the General Policies & Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, About Cookies and the Disclaimer below. Any individuals representing local businesses should also read the Business Policies and Code of Conduct.

How Botley & North Hinksey Community operates:

Botley and North Hinksey Community is a website operated by an organisation called Botley & North Hinksey Online (B&NHO) that is controlled through a Website Management Team (WMT) consisting solely of local volunteers..

Although not a charity B&NHO is a non-profit making community organisation. The Botley & North Hinksey Community website has been developed  and launched with financial support from North Hinksey Parish Council who provided a £100 grant during 2012. Ongoing it is intended that the website will be self funding. Costs should remain minimal so any excess funds raised through activities such as offering businesses a Premium Listing will be distributed to other local community groups and charities at the discretion of the WMT.

B&NHO operates in line with its Constitution (copies available on request). Members of the public can have a formal input to the overall management of the Botley & North Hinksey Community website at the Annual General Meeting. Details of this meeting including the Agenda will be advertised in advance on this website. The last AGM took place on 11th April 2014 (read the minutes), and the next will take place in the first quarter of 2015.

Although B&NHO has a close working relationship with The Sprout, with significant sharing of information to help maximise the efficiency of both, the two organisations are managed completely independently of each other. Also B&NHO operates independently of both North Hinksey Parish Council and Cumnor Parish Council.

The Aims of B&NHO are:

  • To provide a repository of useful and interesting information about the area for use by visitors, and people working or living in Botley or North Hinksey.
  • To improve communications within the community as a whole. This means two way communications, not simply the flow of information out from bodies such as B&NHO, The Sprout and the Parish Council to the general public.
  • To provide an online presence for The Sprout.
  • To bring local businesses to the attention of people seeking services in our area.
  • To provide a space for local clubs and initiatives to reach their audience especially where they do not already have a presence on the internet.
  • To publicise the actions of the local councils and link to their websites.
  • To improve levels of participation in community planning, projects and events by those living and working in this area.
  • To provide a forum enabling individuals to participate freely in discussions about local issues.

About cookies

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Privacy Policy

Botley & North Hinksey Online, the operators of the Botley & North Hinksey Community website recognise the importance of protecting the information collected from website users in the operation of this website, and take reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. By submitting your …