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Initiatives & Charities

Campaigns, consultations and petitions

Who’s campaigning for what in our area?

  • Campaign for Botley Skate Park. A number of local youngsters (and their parents) want a skate park to be built on Louie Memorial Upper Field and 866 people have signed their petition. Find out more on our special Issues feature. This campaign also has a facebook page. Contact Emily Smith on 01865 427891 or . North Hinksey Parish Council rejected the proposals for a skate park in January 2013, but is that really the end of the road?
  • West Oxford Community Path campaign. Check out the community path website for details. Originally a campaign purely for a cycle path, this expanded to a campaign for a multipurpose community path suitable for pedestrians as well, running from Eynsham to Dean Court. They have an online petition which you can sign (over 1,000 people already have). Contact Jean Metson on for more details.
  • Save Botley Library campaign. Currently ‘in hibernation’ as this campaign successfully achieved its initial aim of getting the County Council to include Botley Library on the core list of libraries that would retain trained staff and continue to run as in previous years. More campaigning might become necessary depending on the planning application eventually put forward by the developers of the West Way retail site as Botley Library is tied up in that issue and will need to relocate. More details on our special Issues feature and the Save Botley Library website.


Charities and other non-profit making organisations are usually on the lookout for additional money above and beyond the normal public donations that come their way. One of the other main sources of funds is grants. Sometimes these have restrictions such as covering a specific project rather than daily running costs, being for (or not for) capital costs and so on. If you are involved in one of these organisations make sure that you identify all possible sources, which for this area might include the following:

  • The Sprout – they regularly redistribute profits to other worthy local causes, e-mail the Editor at
  • Parish Councils – contact the Chairman and Parish Clerk at Cumnor or North Hinksey Parish Councils
  • District Council – contact your local Councillor, see the VOWHDC website for details
  • County Council – contact your local Councillor, either Janet Godden or Anthony Gearing, see the OCC website for details

Charity Shops and collection points

Due to the current refurbishment there is currently no provision within Botley for depositing clothing nor any charity shops.

Other charities and community organisations

This listing includes charities, social enterprises, residents’ associations, ‘Friends of …’ organisations and other community organisations in our community and the surrounding area. Click on the headings to reveal or hide further details:

  • Louie Memorial Pavilion Trust (registered charity no. 1070490). Maintaining the Pavilion on Louie Memorial Upper Field for use by the local community. Contact Emmett Casley on 01865 427519 or .
  • Oxford Food Bank. Oxford Food Bank collects food being disposed of by supermarkets and food wholesalers and distributes it to charities in the Oxford area who feed needy members of the local community such as the homeless.  Contact Robin Aitken on 07813961841 or David Cairns on 07884318576 or . Oxford Food Bank, Unit 12, Curtis Yard, North Hinksey Lane, Oxford OX2 0LX (registered charity no. 1131738). Volunteers and donations welcomed.
  • Able Types. Able Types is a fully commercial Social Enterprise, formed by the Charitable Trust “Employment for the Disabled”. They operate a business that offers mailing & business services and employs people with physical or learning disabilities at 127, Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0HD. Contact them on 01865 244114 or .
  • Oxford Diocesan Board of Education & Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (registered charity no’s 1133586 & 203428). They promote education, and the general well-being of deaf people in the Diocese of Oxford. Oxford Diocesan Church House, North Hinksey, Lane, Botley, Oxford OX2 0NB, tel. 01865 208208.
Other community organisations