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Local Issue – West Way retail site redevelopment

Summary of issue:

Plans are afoot to redevelop the West Way Shopping Centre site surrounding Elms Parade shops. Initially this was solely the east end of the site as descibed in early information provided on the VOWH District Council website however the area impacted on expanded considerably under the failed 2014 Doric scheme, then shrunk back slightly under the 2015 revised Mace scheme. Latest news – the Vale Planning Committee has approved Mace’s planning applicatrion in June 2016 and locals can expect to see work begin in mid 2017.

Why is it such a big issue?


VOWH DC and the developer viewed thit as an opportunity to bring in a large supermarket, which could have had major consequences for smaller local shops, and local transport. It all looked like the biggest redevelopment of retail and community buildings in Botley that most people would see in their lifetime, but then it fell at the last hurdle when the Vale refused to approve the planning application.


Following failure of the 2014 Doric scheme mentioned above the area up for redevelopment reduced slightly by removing plans to demolish Elms Parade and Field House, but the potential impact on Botley from a new scheme still looked potentially significant.


The new developer, Mace, gains planning approval for a reduced, but still massive redevelopment including a hotel and hundreds of student flats as well as the shops and community building needed by the community.


The works start? Well not quite yet, but potentially from mid-2017 after many delays and re-phasing of the works. As yet though no movement on the ground.

What has happened so far, in detail?

VOWH put out a notice to prospective developers however, due to economic conditions no serious proposals were forthcoming within the VOWH deadline of March 2011.

The North Hinksey Parish Council arranged an open meeting for residents to attend on 29th February 2012, where Matt Prosser, VOWH DC Strategic Manager gave the following presentation.

A public consultation then allowed residents to give their views. The consultation results:showed a majority of people not favouring the inclusion of a large supermarket in the scheme (preferring instead smaller, independent stores), and worried about the consequences for the library, church and community centre. Summary of results and VOWH response (NB full results also on that website).

The land has now been sold to a developer called Doric Properties and the Parish Council has appointed an agent to negotiate directly with them. Talks are now also underway directly between Doric Properties and a number of interested parties including the Parish Council. The developers have also attempted to buy Elms Parade shops from the Howse family but initial offers have been rejected. Letters have been sent by Doric Properties to several thousand local households in the week commencing 7th January and news articles have appeared based on their press release and on negotiations for Elms Parade shops – see our Local News & Issues page for links to the latest articles. There is also now a section on the West Way redevelopment on the Doric Properties website.

An exhibition of initial plans by Doric Properties took place in Seacourt Hall on February 28th and March 2nd as part of the consultation process. You can see the display boards on the Doric Properties website and a downloadable feedback form. Also a group aiming to co-ordinate the community’s response to redevelopment plans called West Way Community Concern has launched via an article in The Sprout.

The Annual Parish Meeting on 14th March 2013. Julian Seymore of PPS, the PR firm carrying out the consultation on behalf of Doric, addressed the Annual Parish Meeting in Seacourt Hall with preliminary results of the consultation questionnaires.  He outlined the background to the scheme, what has happened so far and then gave a summary of the feedback given.  With 1280 members of the public attending the exhibition and 542 questionnaires being returned so far, he said it was the most well-attended exhibition he has been involved with. Only 74% of the questionnaires have so far been analysed.  See our fuller account of the meeting  and also Doric’s summary of interim results. Separately from this it has been suggested to Doric that they might like to consider including a petrol station in their plans as the Seacourt Tower redevelopment (which in a slightly revised version is now going ahead over 2013-15) will include the removal of that petrol station.

Doric’s consultation finished on 25 March and full results are on their website. West Way Community Concern also ran a survey with a significant number of responses with details on their website.

A follow up presentation from Doric in September revealed more details of their plans which include the areas currently taken up by Elms Parade and Field House, even though neither of those sites has been purchased by them at this stage. On the negative side (based on local reactions) the size of the proposed supermarket is cosiderably larger than expected (or desired) and the student flats total around 600 resulting in a massive central block which would be seven stories high in places. Feedback from the community was highly negative relating to these aspects of the plan. On the positive side the plans include larger spaces for the replacement Library and Community Hall.

Liberal Democrats proposed in October that the VWHDC should completely block the proposed development but it was revealed that elements of the contract signed with Doric last December make this impossible without incurring huge costs which would inevitably fall to local tax payers at the end of the day. As reported in the Oxord Mail this has resulted in the plans and the the behaviour of VWHDC being officially scrutinised in more depth.

West Way Community Concern have organised a petition to send to the VWHDC, held a public meeting at 7pm on on Monday 18 November in SS Peter and Paul Church, and formed a human chain around Elms Parade at 11am on Saturday 23rd November all of which caused a flurry of media coverage.

The plans submitted by Doric to the District Council have now been made public on their website in full, so check out this page on the VOWHDC Planning Register. There are a vast number of documents to look at but it’s worth seeing what the contents of the ‘Supporting Documentation’ folder are (these include things like the impact on traffic, environmemtal issues etc.) as well as the ‘Application Plans’  folder. The ‘Application’ folder, however, contains little to interest the average Botley resident and can probably be safely avoided unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

Mace have now joined Doric in what is described as a ‘Joint Venture Partnership’ as described on the Doric website, and look like taking over increasingly large elements of the development and implementation plans.

The public consultation period for the December 2013 Planning Application is now over.

Amendments to the December 2013 Planning Application have been submitted and can be seen on  the Vale website. The main documents are the D&A addendum, the Environmental Statement addendum and the Transport Statement addendum. The new consultation period ended on 13th October.

Recently further amendments to the plans (see Vale website) were submitted in November.

The planning committee met on 3 December and unanimously REFUSED the application

Doric submitted an appeal.  If this is accepted, the public will have five weeks to make representations.  An alternative is that the community develops its own plan in conjunction with the Vale.  A suggestion for this scenario was presented in The Sprout by West Way Community Concern and you can read it here.  Send your ideas to The Sprout.

March 13 – the appeal is withdrawn and an announcement from the Vale states that following discussions between them, Mace and local representatives (including local Councillors and West Way Community Concern leaders) an extension to the contract will allow a new planning application to be drawn up in a more collaborative manner and specifically excluding Elms Parade shops, Field House and the Vicarage.

The Vale have produced a Supplementary Planning Document which failed to be adopted at the first attempt but will be further reviewed and potentially adopted in January 2016.

Following many meetings with local Council representatives and various community groups to accurately establish what the community requirements are for the site Mace exhibited initial plans on December 7th and 8th which the public have now seen for the first time. These include some student rooms (but considerably less than in the Doric scheme) and a hotel, but no cinema.

The next stages of the process have now been completed with the Vale’s SPD approved and the planning application itself submitted to the Vale at the end of January.

Subsequently the planning application has been verified by the Vale and public consultation carried out until 14th April with further amendments to the plans consulted on up to 2nd June – go to the Vale website to see the plans in detail.

Despite having an original start date for the redevelopment works of January 2017 nothing has happened as yet beyond an announcement from Mace that the works will be re-phased to save time (and money). The office blocks alongside Westminster Way / West Way (Elms Court and the Grant Thornton building) will now apparently stay open in phase 1 of the works while the rest of the site is flattened, and that area will house the community facilities and any shops continuing to trade during the works.

What happens next:

Firstly Mace need to get approval from the Vale for their revamped proposals with the new phasing, and gain change of use approval for the Coop, Tesco, Lloyds Chemists, the Baptist Church and Seacourt Hall to move into new temporary locations (Botley Library will now stay in its current location during phase 1). An application for change of use and other works connected with the temporary locations has now been submitted to the Vale. Sometime soon a detailed Project Management Plan shopuld appear so that everybody knows how this will all fit together, particularly in terms of issues like parking.  Some, but not all of these issues were included in a drop in presentation by Mace about the revised plans held on 13th June.

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  • Doric has published the survey results which are available on-line
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  • North Hinksey Annual Parish meeting had a presentation of the feedback and discussion – see notes from the WebTeam and the summary of interim results. Cumnor Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting at Cumnor Village Hall, 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th May will aso include a section about the West Way redevelopment plans.
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