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The Sprout was one of the items that came up when the Parish Plan was considering practical ways of keeping the community informed. Jenny Barker, the founding editor, devised its unusual name, and it was first produced in October 2005 with strong support  from Briony and Roy Newport, Bert Beuzeval, and Steve Elliott among others. In November 2010 Ag MacKeith took over as editor, and a fresh team picked up the advertising, finance and deliveries.

The Sprout is a strictly community project. It happens through the joint efforts of seven prime movers who deal with copy, layout, advertising and deliveries, backed by four directors and a four-person editorial team, and a score or more of willing pavement pounders who deliver it throughout the parish. It is financed entirely through local advertising, and has been recorded as a reason for moving to Botley!

The Spout is published ten times a year and delivered free to all households in the parish.  If you’ve mislaid or recycled your copy already and want to read it again (or any back copies). don’t forget that Botley Library has spare copies.

You can read some past copies on line (note that most of the adverts have been removed so the contents’ page numbers are incorrect):

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The Sprout cover March 2012       The Sprout cover Summer 2012       The Sprout cover Christmas 2012

Extra photographs from recent editions

Here are a few additional photographs from major events in the past year that we couldn’t squeeze into the printed version of The Sprout. Click on the headers to reveal or hide them:

Hinksey Meadaow October 2016
2016.5.15 poplar leaf shade 2016.5.28 quaking grass 2016.6.10 selfheal
2016.6.14 amongst the flowers 2016.6.16 bedraggled bumblebee 2016.6.19 upside down weevil
2016.6.25 poss fleabane 2016.6.26 beetle lookout 2016.9.1 spider shadow
2016.9.10 hawthorn raindrop 2016.9.23 sunrise 2016.9.6 origami slug
Hedge Laying March 2015
Original State Removing the brush Cutting the Pleachers
 Cutting the Pleachers Inserting Binders  Completed Hedge
 Completed Hedge Even more photos can be seen on the Oxford Conservation Volunteers’ website
November 2014
Leading to West Way Attempting the wave Buttercups at Raleigh Park
Display of apples and pears Apple chopping Operating the press

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